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4:30 pm


St Luke's Church, Greetham Street, Southsea, PO5 4LH

The Aventures of Florence and the Mermaid’s Tears-St Luke’s

Join Florence, a local teenager, as she journeys with her mother to a remote Island-home to the oldest Albatross in the world- and discovers the beauty, diversity of the nature there. Yet, not everything is rosy…something is affecting the Albatross population. What is it? And what can Florence do about it?

Find out in this mini musical.

The short (under 1 hour) performance will entertain and highlight one crucial issue of our time. The performance will be followed by a short interactive session-still suitable for adults and children- aimed at motivating Portsmouth to be active in our response to the plastics crisis.
Written and Directed by Scott Ramsay -People and Stories
Music by Naomi Lane -Composer from Portsmouth
Produced by The Host Coworking Space
Funded by Arts Council England